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D-D H2Ocean Nitrate No3 Test kit

D-D H2Ocean Nitrate No3 Test kit


D-D Nitrate Test Kit
A high quality test kit from D-D to accurately monitor Nitrate levels in reef aquaria.

Maintaining low levels of nitrate (NO3) and phosphate are crucial for success in marine aquaria with regards to the health of fish and corals and acts as a food for the growth of nuisance algae.

Excessive levels of nitrate give rise to problems controlling algae, maintaining pH, and is a limiting factor in achieving good coloration in corals.

We advise that the Nitrate kit is used as part of a complete testing regime that includes the D-D Phosphate, Multi and Iodine test kits for best results and to help monitor complete aquarium health and nutrient levels.

Natural seawater has an average nitrate concentration of below 0.1ppm with levels below 2ppm being recommended for reef aquariums.

This high sensitivity test kit will allow the user to monitor levels of nitrate measured as NO3, or as total nitrogen N-NO3, within the aquarium so that they may be maintained by way of regular water changes or alternate methods of Nitrate removal or breakdown such as the D-D Bio Pellet products.

The test kit has both a high and a low range scale allowing it to be used to determine the exact level of phosphate in your aquarium.


High Range 0 - 48 ppm NO3
Low Range 0 - 4 ppm NO3
The kit includes a reference solution sufficient for 5 tests
Refills are available for this test kit

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Price: 23.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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