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Deltec SC 3070S Internal Skimer

Deltec SC 3070S Internal Skimer

Ref: 80350

Deltec SC 3070S Internal Skimer

Technical Data:
In Sump Version - Deltec SC 3070s - This stands for Single Chamber, body diameter 300mm and total height 650mm

* The total height measurement includes around 20mm for cup removal
* Significantly exceeds performance of AP1004 (2400 lts of air - 230V)
* footprint 320mm by 320mm
* footprint incl pipework 383mm by 320mm
* Total air produced - 2x1600 to 2x1750 lts/hour
* Power consumption 2 x 35W-38W
* Working water height in sump 180-260mm
* Outlet pipe size 50mm
* Patented Twn Chamber bubble chamber
* Tank Suitability 5000 lts heavy stocking 6500 lts normal stocking
* Remote drain of skimmer cup
* Air silencers
* Micro adjustable skimmer setting
* High water flow through the skimmer
* Optional self cleaning system
* New colour scheme
* No feed pump required, skimmer draws water directly from the sump
* Article no 81350

Price: 1,633.02 (Including VAT at 20%)

Due to illness, we are currently unable to ship products via mailorder. All products are available for collection from our Winchester store which is open as normal. Apologies for the inconvenience. This is likely to be until May 2018.

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