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Deltec TC 3070S External Skimmer

Deltec TC 3070S External Skimmer

Ref: 81350

Deltec TC 3070s External

Technical Data:

External Version - Deltec TC 3070s - This stands for Twin Chamber, body diameter 300mm and total height 650mm

* The total height measurement includes around 20mm for cup removal
* Significantly exceeds performance of AP1004 (2400 lts of air - 230V)
* Footprint 375 mm by 375 mm
* Footprint plus pipework 470mm by 382mm
* Height under outlet pipe 264mm
* Total air produced - 2x 1700-2000 lts/hour
* Power consumption
* Water feed/throughput 2200-4000 ltrs/hr
* Neck diameter 200 mm
* Same cup dimensions as the AP1006
* Pipe connections 32mm in 50mm out
* Patented Twn Chamber bubble chamber
* Tank Suitability normal stocking 8000 lts heavy stocking 6000 lts
* Remote drain of skimmer cup
* Air silencers
* Micro adjustable skimmer setting
* High water flow through the skimmer
* Optional self cleaning system
* New colour scheme
* Can be gravity or pump fed (supply pump not supplied).
* Article no 80350

Price: 1,699.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Due to annual holidays, we will not be shipping by mailorder until 1st July 2019. Our Winchester store is open as normal.

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