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Fauna Marin Ultra Algae X 500ml

Fauna Marin Ultra Algae X 500ml

Ref: 14295

New Product from Fauna Marin

Ultra AlgeaX is a very strong and effective solution to remove any hair or plague type algae growth in Reef Tanks.

It also removes dinoflagellates and Briopsis algae.

It treats algae plauges in reef aquariums without harming any corals.

AlgeaX does not destabilise the aquarium system. AlgeaX is not a treatment for Cyano bacteria but for all types of algea´s.

Dosing 5ml per 100 Liters every two days, close attention must be paid to the instructions and you must be confident of the actual volume of your system to avoid overdosing.

Price: 32.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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