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Grotech External Skimmer for tanks > 5000l HEA250/1

Grotech External Skimmer for tanks > 5000l HEA250/1

Ref: HEA250/1

This new high-performance protein skimmer stands out due to the very low energy requirement at extremelyhigh air power.They manage to break the previous power limits by a newly developped nozzle system. HEA's are equipped with EHEIM serial dosing pumps, which ensures high quality as well as an excellent supply of spare parts.

All HEA are equipped with a SDV1-sound absorber, which reduces the total air suction noise. This on the other hand means that the originally extremely quiet running HEA becomes even quieter and will thus also be qualified for incorporation in living rooms.

Due to the construction with external filling pump resp. bypass of the main pump, the GroTech HEA are suitable for the use inside as well as outside the filter sump.

Moreover, the HEAs are independent of the water level, which guarantees an equal skimming even in case of a reduced water level in the filter bassin.

In case of external incorporation, only the glueing of the PVC-flow set will be necessary.

HEA 250 Skimmer up to 5.000 l

1 x EHEIM 1260 - 65 W

Construction size (lxwxh) 500 x 300 x 740 mm

Price: 899.54 (Including VAT at 20%)

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