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Grotech Internal Skimmer for tanks > 500l HEA110S

Grotech Internal Skimmer for tanks > 500l HEA110S

Ref: HEA110S

This new high-performance protein skimmer stands out due to the very low energy requirement at extremely high air power.
This is acheived by a newly developped
nozzle system. The HEA range of skimmers are equipped with EHEIM serial dosing pumps, which ensures high quality as well as an excellent supply of spare parts.

All HEA are equipped with a SDV1-sound absorber, which reduces the total air suction noise. This means that the noise form this skimmer is greatly reduced and makes it perfect for use in living rooms where a low noise level are required.
Moreover, the HEA110S is mounted on a basic plate, which stands on 5 rubber feet and thus no vibrations at all will be transfered to the surrouindings.

Self-suction unit, thus no further supply pump will be necessary.
Required water level 11 - 15 cm
HEA 110S Skimmer- 500 Liter
EHEIM 1250 - 28 W
Construction size (lxwxh) mm

Price: 229.89 (Including VAT at 20%)

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