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Korallen Zucht - Reefers Best Pro Salt 20kg

Korallen Zucht - Reefers Best Pro Salt 20kg

Ref: RKZ10178

Reefer’s Best Coral Reef Salt Pro is produced with utmost care, using only the highest quality chemicals following the German and European pharmacy dispensary standards.

This Premium Reef Salt was developed and especially mixed for reefers demanding the highest standards.

The effect on your sensitive animals will convince you when using Reefer’s Best Coral Reef Salt Pro.
Provides all elements necessary for the corals Distinctive well-being of all tank inhabitants after water change
Balanced addition of consumed elements
Meets highest demands
We use exclusively this salt for our coral breeding system and our show tank ect.
Contents: 20 kg box

Price: 95.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Due to annual holidays our online store is currently closed. We will begin shipping again on the 20th September.

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