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LEDControl4Active - LED PWM Controller With Active Driver

LEDControl4Active - LED PWM Controller With Active Driver

Ref: PL-0775

LEDControl4 is connected to the 1-10 V-interfaces of the ProfiLux and outputs PWM signals, these signals can be used to control LED-lamps or LED-drivers.

Some LED-lamp manufacturers offer matching adaptor-cables for connecting their lamps to LEDControl4.

LEDControl4Active - with integrated drivers

With LEDControl4Active you can dim those LED-lamps, which can be operated with a constant voltage (e.g. LED-strings which are equipped with a series resistor). LEDControl4Active doesn’t include a current controller, just the minus potential of the connected power supply is clocked through PWM! Check in any case if your LED-lamp can be operated on a constant voltage, otherwise the LED-lamp and LEDControl4Active may be damaged!

Technical data:
Permitted input voltage range: 6 V - 18 V, Polarity: + inside, - outside, DC-socket 5.5/2.1 mm
Max. current per channel or in sum: 3 A
Number channels: 4
Input voltage range analog inputs: 0 V - 10 V
PWM-switching frequency: 200 Hz

You can download the datasheet for LEDControl4Active here.

Price: 53.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

Due to illness, we are currently unable to ship products via mailorder. All products are available for collection from our Winchester store which is open as normal. Apologies for the inconvenience. This is likely to be until May 2018.

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