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Mitras LX 6000 - Black

Mitras LX 6000 - Black

Ref: PL-0954

- 8 light colors, all separately dimmable: ultra white, royal blue, blue, true green, yellow, red, hyperred and UV (420 nm)
- 62 LEDs per lamp
- 6 separately replacable LED-clusters on IMS boards
- PAR: analysis to follow

Intelligence + Userinterface:
- own controller (32 Bit ARM)
- graphical display, 6 touch-Keys

- radio (2.4 GHz)

Operation modes:
- standalone (runs autonomous)
- master (controls other lamps wirelessly)
- slave (is controlled from other lamps or ProfiLux wirelessly)

- high-efficiency mode (max. economy and LED lifetime)
- high output mode (max. brightness)

Thermal management:
- innovative cooling concept with 4 extremely quiet and compact cooling fans
- fans are temperature controlled

- select out of several colors
- fans and heatsinks are not visible from outside
- ca. 300 mm x 200 mm x 40 mm

- sliding clouds and sunrise over several lamps
- all illumination functions of ProfiLux
- full control over output light spectrum

- firmwareupdates possible
- true dimming technology: non visible brightness steps with more than 3000 dimming steps per channel
- incl. lamp holder
- universal power supply with wide range input

Price: 576.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Due to annual holidays, we will not be shipping by mailorder until 1st July 2019. Our Winchester store is open as normal.

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