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Multi Reference (test solution for test kits)

Multi Reference (test solution for test kits)

Ref: SL1

This great product is a salt solution that has been analysed by a laboratory to precise levels so that you can test how accurate your test kits are, and also to calibrate your refractometers.
Each batch is separately tested so that the exact levels are obtained.
The levels for Salinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Potasium, dkh (alkalinity) and silica are printed on the label for easy reference.

100ml bottle

The following can be tested:
Can be tested:
Carbonate hardness
And salinity

The 100 ml solution is stable and contains all these values in a solution (since each batch is lab tested the values below may vary on individual batches, in order to maintain accuracy, always use the values printed on the label as that is the batch sepcific value.)

Calcium 422 mg / l
Magnesium 1314 mg / l
Kalium/pottasium 408 mg/l
Salinität 35 ppm
dKH 6,5 / 2,33 meq/l
SiO2 2,1 mg/l
Si(OH)4 3,4 mg/l
Strontium 8 mg/l
Salinität 35 ppm
Leitwert 53 mS ( 25 C )
Dichte 1,0233 ( 25 C )
nD20 = 1,3394

Price: 17.64 (Including VAT at 20%)

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