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Phytobreeder 200 11 Litres

Phytobreeder 200 11 Litres

Ref: PB200

PhytoBreeder 2 - The Plankton reactor

With the PhytoBreeder everybody can culture their own

Phytoplankton. Under optimum conditions, up to 30 % of the PhytoBreeder's volume can be taken daily, which means a plankton quantity of 3.5 Litres for the 200 model and 6 Litres for the 250 model can be fed into the reef aquarium. This procedure
can be automized by the PhytoControl.

The PhytoBreeder 2 is even more compact than its predecessor. The lighting source was integrated into the culture room and thus the light profit was drastically increased. The removeable lid was replaced by a 110mm screwing, thus the Phytobreeder can easily be opened and is absolutely pressure-tight.

PhytoBreeder 200 Plankton reactor
incl. magnet agitator, mains supply, lighting unit,
lightener + PhytoStart + PhytoFood
Filling quantity 11 l / 220 x 220 x 520 mm (lxwxh)

Price: 429.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

Due to illness, we are currently unable to ship products via mailorder. All products are available for collection from our Winchester store which is open as normal. Apologies for the inconvenience. This is likely to be until May 2018.

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