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Phytobreeder 200 11 Litres

Phytobreeder 200 11 Litres

Ref: PB200

PhytoBreeder 2 - The Plankton reactor

With the PhytoBreeder everybody can culture their own

Phytoplankton. Under optimum conditions, up to 30 % of the PhytoBreeder's volume can be taken daily, which means a plankton quantity of 3.5 Litres for the 200 model and 6 Litres for the 250 model can be fed into the reef aquarium. This procedure
can be automized by the PhytoControl.

The PhytoBreeder 2 is even more compact than its predecessor. The lighting source was integrated into the culture room and thus the light profit was drastically increased. The removeable lid was replaced by a 110mm screwing, thus the Phytobreeder can easily be opened and is absolutely pressure-tight.

PhytoBreeder 200 Plankton reactor
incl. magnet agitator, mains supply, lighting unit,
lightener + PhytoStart + PhytoFood
Filling quantity 11 l / 220 x 220 x 520 mm (lxwxh)

Price: 429.75 (Including VAT at 20%)

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