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Remophos FE 0.5-2mm 500ml

Remophos FE 0.5-2mm 500ml

Ref: 20002

RemoPhos FE 2 - 4mm 500ml

RemoPhos is an iron-based adsorbent material, which removes fast and efficiently large quantities of phosphates and silicates from your aquarium, without thereby delivering harmful substances.

RemoPhos should be used in a slowly flowed filter in order to obtain the optimal effect is an upstream particle and activated carbon filter recommended.
RemoPhos should not be used in the fluid bed filter since by the spinning around the deposited phosphate can be abraded and set free again.

Binding capacity:
Granulation 0.5 - 2mm
Up to 54.000 mg PO4 rsp. 18.000mg P / litre of RemoPhos

Granulation 2-4mm
Up to 30.000 mg PO4 rsp. 10.000 mg P/litre of RemoPhos

Price: 24.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

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