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V2 iLumenAir 600 80w

V2 iLumenAir 600 80w

Ref: 9199

High PAR LED Using Bridgelux technology with built in timing and dimming to allow for a full range of effects,
including sunrise, sunset, twilight and moonlight.
Fully controllable via a remote control (included). Colour controllable.

Low voltage.

Power readout to tell you how much electricity is actually being used.
Can be tank mounted (fittings included) or suspended (suspension kit sold separately).

Quiet, temperature controlled cooling fans - only on when required, and easily serviceable.
Thermal cut out to protect the LEDs should overheating occur.

Lightning simulation.
Controllable blue LED trim to enhance the look of your aquarium.

V2iLumen Air 600 dimensions 400mm x 260mm x 24mm.
Features 1 x 35w White 6500k diode and 12 x 3w Royal Blue 465nm. Total 80W

Price: 259.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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