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eX Upgrade Kit for ProfiLux 3.1N / 3.1A

eX Upgrade Kit for ProfiLux 3.1N / 3.1A

Ref: PL-0920

This upgrade expansion kit will convert a standard Profilux 3.1 (A/N) into a Profilux 3.1 (A/N) eX, giving the following additions:

1 x Water level sensor port for use with an additional water level sensor or leakage sensor (2 sensors can be connected on 3.1N - giving 4 sensors in all)
1 x Saltwater conductivity sensor port
1 x Redox sensor port
1 x L5/L6 - 1-10v control port - for control of up to two (via splitter) LED simulation lights or channels for dimmable lighting or Tunze contollable stream pumps.

Price: 161.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Due to illness, we are currently unable to ship products via mailorder. All products are available for collection from our Winchester store which is open as normal. Apologies for the inconvenience. This is likely to be until May 2018.

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