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AquaHabitats Microhabitat 15 Litre Aquarium Complete Kit

AquaHabitats Microhabitat 15 Litre Aquarium Complete Kit

Ref: 2995

The Micro Habitat 15 is made from a high quality acrylic design ensuring that the tank is not only lighter and stronger than a glass equivalent, but also allows a much clearer view. The compact, self-contained design makes the MicroHabitat 15 ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, living-rooms and offices.

The built in filtration system and integral pump with multi-directional outlet ensures optimum water quality and minimal maintenance. Also comes complete with its unique integrated air driven protein skimmer.

The Micro Habitat incorporates an AquaRay Micro Led light system which uses heigh quality LG TopLED's (Ocean White 9000K) for long lasting light out put.

The size of the tank is 27cm long x 23.5cm wide x 26cm heigh, if you include the Skimmer head then the height will jump up to 30cm. Please note that the height stated is not including the LED light as this can be altered in height size.

The Micro Habitat comes complete with;

Clear condensation Lid,
Micro Thermometer,
H2AIR 60-Air Pump (Pump, non return valve and airline),
Micro Heater.

Price: 99.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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