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Automatic Elements Iron Concentrate 10pk

Automatic Elements Iron Concentrate 10pk

Ref: RKZ10248

The addition of iron affects all colors but primarily enhances the green color formation. Iron encreases coral growth and also the multiplication of zooxanthella. Well suited for all kind of corals. Recommended in any tank system.

Automatic dosing without any technical equipment!

The elements and active components are embedded in a solid carrier substance.
Elements and active components are automatically dissolved from the solid
carrier substance in small quantities directly to the water.
The “Automatic Elements” can be placed into an internal filter or directly into
a sump area with adequate flow.
The structure of the carrier substance does make sure to release the elements
and active components constantly up to 4 months directly into the water.
These automatic products contain the same elements and active components
as the corresponding liquid products.
Deepens all colors.
Can be utilized as a targeted color-enhancer for green pigmented corals.
Improves growth and reproduction of zooxanthellae.

Dosage: 1 piece / 50 L / 4 months
Keep out of the reach of children!

Price: 35.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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