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DD H2Ocean Flow Pump 4000 ltr/hr

DD H2Ocean Flow Pump 4000 ltr/hr

Ref: FL4000

H2Ocean Flow pump 4000

The Ocean-Flow pump range combines the reliability of permanent magnet,synchronous motors and the most advanced technological materials by using seamless coated "rare earths" magnets to give the highest and most efficient performance with no wear on moving parts.

Thermal protection prevents the motor from overheating, making it ideal for external and submersed use in salt water and freshwater aquaria, ponds, fountains and many other applications.

The pumps come supplied with 1" and 3/4" adapters for easy connection to hoses available on the market and are equipped with a flow control device built into the pump outlet to enable the flow to be adjusted without the requirement for an additional tap or valve.

For each model the hydraulic properties and the geometry of the rotor/impeller system are perfectly balanced with the performance of the motor and the choice of high tech materials for the different components offer reliability, quiet running combined with a very high performance.

The Ocean-flow 4000 and 5000 pumps can be used either submersed or externally however the Ocean-flow 2000 model, being fitted with an intake strainer is only suitable for submerged use.


Freshwater and seawater aquaristics, pond filter systems.


Max flow - 4200 l/hr
Min flow - 600 l/hr
Max head - 3.5 m
Wattage - 80 w
Dimensions 115 x 76 x 119 mm
Cable Length 1.5m
Product code - FL4000
Outlet Hosetail 25mm

Price: 94.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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