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Ref: PL-0749

Bring out the best out of your EHEIM® external filter and use the many options which are offered by our ProfiLux-computer for a compatible pump control! With our EHEIM-Controller, the electronical EHEIM® external filters from the series professionel 3e can be connected to a ProfiLux Computer. The EHEIM-Controller is connected at the serial port of the ProfiLux and doesn’t need any additional supply voltage.

* The control of the flow rate is possible through a current program of the ProfiLux which is freely adjustable.
* Therefore you have many options, e.g. adjustment of the flow rate in certain intervals, at pre-defined times, during the feeding pause, during the maintenance of the aquarium or during a thunderstorm.
* The connection is made via the communication port of the EHEIM professionel 3e external filter.
* It is possible to connect the original EHEIM-interface (USB-converter) at the same time. You can still use the advantages of the EHEIM ControlCenter with your PC.
* Two RS232-ports are available (input and output), the RS232-connection of ProfiLux is looped through, because of this, also other devices (e.g. ProfiLux View, SMS-Module and PC) can be connected further on.
* Two status-LEDs show the communication and operating state.
* There is no additional power supply necessary (the supply is made via the RS232-port of ProfiLux).
* Included in delivery are the connection cables to the EHEIM professionel 3e external filter and to ProfiLux.

The rear view of the EHEIM-Controller shows 2 ports for connecting the external filter and the EHEIM® interface at the same time and both status LEDs.

Price: 62.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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