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Powerbar6E-UK-PAB 6 Socket UK Switchable PAB Powerbar

Powerbar6E-UK-PAB 6 Socket UK Switchable PAB Powerbar

Ref: PL-1723

The latest powerbar from GHL - elegant design, sophisticated worksmanship and unbeatable quality!

The sophisticated design consisting of matt black anodized aluminum and plastic in piano lacquer look makes the Powerbar another outstanding component of the visually appealing GHL equipment.

The technology sets standards - Features and Specifications

6 independently switchable sockets with a continuous current of max. 15A each (depending on country version)
Extremely robust high-inrush current (HIC) industrial relays: Each relay is designed for a continuous current of 16A and a short-term peak current of 160A
Current measurement per socket to monitor the connected equipment
Illuminated logo, different colours and flashing codes provide information about the current system status at a glance
2 ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB) connections for reliable communication with ProfiLux aquarium controller and other system components
Status LEDs for communication, operation and switching status of the individual sockets
Switch with integrated fuse
Heavy-duty, grounded power cord, 1.80m / 6 feet long
Fallback fail-safe setting: In the event of a communication problem between ProfiLux and the powerbar, each socket takes an user-defined state.
Robust side mounting brackets
Practical arrangement of the sockets: The arrangement in a row and the distance between the sockets make it possible to plug in almost all devices (even bulky power supplies) at any position. In contrast to multi-row powerbars, the single-row arrangement allows simple and tidy cabling.

This new digital powerbar compatibale with the Profilux III and later ghl proflux systems only connects to the PAB (Profilux Aquatic Bus) port on the Profilux III or later PAB expansion boxes.
This allows 2 way communication between the powerbar and the controller, it is envisaged that this can be used for power consumption management.

Please note the PAB powerbars are not supplied with a PAB cable, this must be ordered separately in the length required.

Price: 214.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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