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GHL-Profilux Additional Dosing Pump For The GHL Dosing Pump Unit

GHL-Profilux Additional Dosing Pump For The GHL Dosing Pump Unit

Ref: PL-0345

An additional dosing pump that can be added to a GHL Profilux PlusII Dosing pump unit, up to a maximum of 4 pumps per unit.

These great dosing pump units are expandable are up to 4 pumps within the same unit. They come complete with there own power supply and connection cable for connection to the GHL Profilux PlusII controller. Each pump can be controlled manually via the buttons on the front of the unit.

Flow rate is 60 ml/min
Flow can be switched in 1s resolution -> min. dose is appr. 1.3ml

The Profilux Control software will calculate the switching time depending on the desired dose amount.
If wished the dosing can be divided into several activations/day.

These pumps are not suitable for continuous operation

The image shown is of a 4 pump system, if you buy a 1 pump system it is the same unit, you simply add the additional pumps when you require them. This is a must have accessory for people using the balling method or regularly adding supplements as in the Fauna Marin Ultra (low nutrient systems)

As with all our products we are happy to advise on the correct usage and the right system for you.

RRP: 74.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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