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Hanna Phosphorus Checker Handheld Colorimeter

Hanna Phosphorus Checker Handheld Colorimeter

Ref: HI736

The Hanna Phosphorus Checker Handheld Colorimeter is specially designed for salt water aquaria, the Hanna Phosphorus Checker will measure vital phosphorus levels - even at exceptionally low range.

Phosphorous (as phosphate) is introduced to aquaria through feed, decaying plant and animal waste and even tap water. However phosphate is a driving factor in excess algae growth and without adequate checks, the phosphate can quickly become so abundant that it turns into a real nuisance.

For healthy aquatic life it is therefore important to keep levels as close to zero as possible. The Hanna Checker now makes it possible for salt water fish enthusiasts to maintain ultra low levels at genuinely affordable prices.
Accurate and easy to use

* Accuracy ±10 ppb
* 1 part per billion resolution
* Large easy to read display
* Auto shut-off

Ideal for

* Salt water aquariums
* Coral reef tanks

Supplied with

The HI736 Checker for Phosphorus comes complete with:

* 2 sample cuvettes
* 1 black cuvette cap
* Starter pack of 6 reagents
* 1 x 1.5V AAA battery
* Full working instructions

Specification for the Hanna Phosphorus Checker Handheld Colorimeter:

Range 0 to 200 ppb
Resolution 1 ppb
Precision ±5% of reading ±10 ppb @ 25ºC
Light Source LED @ 525 nm
Light Detector Silicon photocell
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95% non-condensing
Battery Type (1) 1.5V AAA
Auto-off After 3 minutes of non-use
Dimensions 81.5 x 61 x 37.5 mm
Weight 64 g
Method Adaptation of Standard Method Ascorbic Acid

Price: 69.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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