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ION Director, White

ION Director, White

Ref: PL-1849

ION DIRECTOR – Automated Ca, Mg, K, Na and NO3 testing made easy!

Achieve the next level of water testing automation with the ION Director (IOND). Through the use of ion-selective technology, the IOND automatically measures and controls Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Nitrate levels in saltwater aquariums.

Get a deeper understanding of your aquarium with the IOND. The ION Director can be used alone or together with a KH Director (KHD). Coupled with the KHD for Alkalinity monitoring and control, the IOND and KHD are the perfect tools for controlling your water parameters like never before.

Each parameter can be measured and automatically controlled. If one or more parameters are too low or too high, the IOND can automatically determine how much of an adjustment of attached dosing pumps is needed to maintain stable parameters.

Information about prices, pre-order discount and delivery start available NOW – see below!
ION Director, White
ION Director Connections
One Multi-Ion sensor and no reagents

On going research and testing has allowed us to specially develop our own multi-ion sensor. No need for a dedicated sensor per parameter plus a reference electrode, no need for single reagents per parameter. Only one multi-ion sensor and reasonably priced reference fluids are required.

NOTE: Photo shows ION Director without sensor installed. Details and photos of our multi-ion sensor will be unveiled very soon.
Ultimate accuracy and precision

As with many things in this hobby, stability is key. Through the use of four dosing pump heads, the IOND effectively performs measurements with lab-grade precision and accuracy, each and every time.

Out of the four pump heads, two are used to convey two separate reference fluids for automatic ion-sensor calibration. The use of these heads eliminate the need to manually calibrate the sensor. This ensures that each test is used with a freshly calibrated sensor, every time.

Fully automate and control the aquarium’s most important water parameters with the IOND and KHD.
Perfect integration into GHL Connect

Use the extensive logbook and analysis functions in your app and cloud myGHL.
ION Director confirmed details

Automated Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and Nitrate testing and control
All tests performed with a GHL developed multi-ion sensor for superior precision and accuracy
Hardware is prepared for future parameter add-ons
Uses only 2 reference fluids for ALL current and future parameters
Cost effective reference fluids
Automatic sensor calibration before each measurement
Automatic data logging and charting
Works in conjunction with a 4 pump GHL Doser 2.1
Can be used alongside GHL Standalone Doser (no aquarium controller required) or with a ProfiLux 3 or 4 controller
ION Director / Doser 2.1 Slave and Standalone packages will be available
Controllable through GHL Connect (app, webserver and cloud) and more

Delivery and prices

Scheduled deliveries begin March 31, 2020. Deliveries will be made in the same order as the binding (pre-)orders.

Price: 442.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Available To Order - Pre-Order Only - See product details for release date.

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