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Jecod DCP15000 10 Speed Controllable DC Pump

Jecod DCP15000 10 Speed Controllable DC Pump

Ref: DCP15000


Power: 105w
Flow: 15000 l/h
Max Height: 5m

JECOD DCT series Pumps - DCT4000/DCT6000/DCT8000/DCT12000/DCT15000
Jebao are changing their name from Jebao to JECOD - which stands for Jebao ECOlogical Design.
All new products from Jebao will have this branding.
This new enhanced range will replace the previous DC3000/6000/9000/12000

The key features of these new pumps are detailed below:

10 Speed Controller
Slight head increase over previous models
Controller now incorporates electronic detection of error conditions and visual warnings.

Jebao DC-1200, DC-2000, DCT-4000, DCT-6000, DCT-8000, DCT-12000 and DCT-15000 Variable flow DC Pumps
These pumps are designed to be ultra quiet for submerged pump applications.

Price: 204.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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