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KH Director, black

KH Director, black

Ref: PL-1520

The KH Director® is designed to work in conjunction with a GHL Doser 2 (2.1) Standalone or a ProfiLux® Aquarium Controller 3 or 4 with a Doser 2 (2.1) Slave for operation.

Technical specifications:

Color: Black or white
Dimensions: 220 x 150 x 75 mm (without pH-Electrode)

Scope of Delivery:

Device with integrated measuring cell
pH electrode, especially designed for the KHD, incl. calibration liquids
Testing reagent 500 ml
Silicone tube, 5 m
Flex-PVC Reagent tube, 70 cm
Power-supply splitter-cable

KH Director® Features

Lab-grade KH measurement accuracy; KHD provides measurement values with 0,1 ° dKH accuracy
Adjustable test sample volume
Measurements per day adjustable
KH value display via host device
Higher accuracy and safety provided by additional valves
Cost-effective and safe reagent fluid
Automated Data-logging
Automated liquid supply
Kalk reactor control
Low maintenance design
Seamless integration w/ GHL system

WLAN, USB und cloud-service access via host device
Large LED status indicator

WiFi, USB and cloud access via host device
Alarm function
Large LED status indicator
Status LED for pumps

Convenient to program via our free PC software GCC
Or over our app, web, and cloud service, also free of charge

Professional CAN Bus System ensures reliable and interference-free networking of all network devices.

The LED–backlit GHL Logo in the housing cover serves as a status indicator. Various colors show you at a glance, the condition of your system.

Ample accessories available.

Price: 397.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Available To Order - We would expect you to receive this item in 5-7 days. We will contact you if it is going to take any longer.

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