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LEDControl4Active - LED PWM Controller With Active Driver

LEDControl4Active - LED PWM Controller With Active Driver

Ref: PL-0775

LEDControl4 is connected to the 1-10 V-interfaces of the ProfiLux and outputs PWM signals, these signals can be used to control LED-lamps or LED-drivers.

Some LED-lamp manufacturers offer matching adaptor-cables for connecting their lamps to LEDControl4.

LEDControl4Active - with integrated drivers

With LEDControl4Active you can dim those LED-lamps, which can be operated with a constant voltage (e.g. LED-strings which are equipped with a series resistor). LEDControl4Active doesn’t include a current controller, just the minus potential of the connected power supply is clocked through PWM! Check in any case if your LED-lamp can be operated on a constant voltage, otherwise the LED-lamp and LEDControl4Active may be damaged!

Technical data:
Permitted input voltage range: 6 V - 18 V, Polarity: + inside, - outside, DC-socket 5.5/2.1 mm
Max. current per channel or in sum: 3 A
Number channels: 4
Input voltage range analog inputs: 0 V - 10 V
PWM-switching frequency: 200 Hz

You can download the datasheet for LEDControl4Active here.

Price: 53.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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