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ProfiLux 4 Ultimate-Set, White, UK

ProfiLux 4 Ultimate-Set, White, UK

Ref: PL-1432

This Ultimate-Set leaves nothing to be desired!

Measure and control temperature, conductivity, redox-potential and pH-value and use the countless functions ProfiLux 4 has to offer, create true-to life illumination effects or control current pumps.

Another highlight of this set is the display and operating unit ProfiLux Touch with its colored touch display – it displays all important values and states and can be used to start easily and conveniently special functions like water change or thunderstorm simulation.

Shipment includes:

ProfiLux 4, white
Power supply unit in the specific country version
Digital water temperature sensor
pH-electrode with calibration fluids pH 4 und pH 9
Conductivity electrode with calibration fluid 50 mS
Redox-Sensor with calibration fluid 220 mV
Powerbar5.1 with PAB cable 2m
ProfiLux Touch inclusive PAB-Kabel 2 m to ProfiLux
USB cable

Price: 1,073.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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