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ProfiLux II Light

ProfiLux II Light

Ref: PL-0482

Profilux Light
We are pleased to introduce the Profilux Light to the UK market for the first time. "The Intelligent Plugbar"

Ever wanted temperature control, Tunze Stream control, Plug Timers, LED weather simulation, Dimmable T5 lighting control, PC interface and data recording all in one unique self contained plug bar unit... Profilux Light is that unit!

The Profilux Light is a plugbar with the computer built into the actual plugbar and has the following ports available for use:
4 x UK 240v sockets: Which can be controlled either as timed sockets, or responsive to the temperature sensor.
Temperature Port: For the addition of a temperature sensor so that you can control heaters, fans or lighting that will automatically switch off for the day if your temperature exceeds a certain value.
2 x Low voltage ports: Each port has 2 channels each. Each channel can be used to control Tunze Streams or GHL LED simulation lighting or Dimmable T5 lighting units.
PC Port (RS232 Serial) for connection to a PC for control/data recording by the FREE Profilux Control Software.

This unit can be used in many situations, its name is derived from it's Lighting functions and is perfectly suited for large tanks where you want a controller to mount onto a lighting rig, set up and forget about it!
For small/nano tanks where separate monitors are used currently or full parameter measurement isn't required.

This unit is not expandable and cannot accept any of the GHL expansion cards, but provides many of the great GHL Profilux functions in a neat and exceptionally functional way.

A comparison of all the features between models can be found here:

Price: 230.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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