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Profilux 3.1T Premium Set With New Powerbar 5.1 PAB

Profilux 3.1T Premium Set With New Powerbar 5.1 PAB

Ref: PL-1162

This set is ideal if you want to measure and control the temperature and the pH-value and if you want to achieve a realistic illumination control.

The ProfiLux 3.1T controller is suitable for illumination and level control, temperature measurement, pH, conductivity, redox measurement and control.
USB and LAN ports are integrated.

The controller has a LAN port, webserver and two expansion slots.

You are able to measure conductivity, redox potential, oxygen, humidity and air temperature with additional expansion modules and necessary sensors.

Dimensions WxDxH: 240x200x55 mm (D+55 mm for cable connections/ H+3 mm for device foots)
Delivery incl. Power supply unit, water temperature sensor, USB cable, PAB cable2 m, pH-electrode, calibration liquids pH 7 and pH 9, Powerbar5.1-PAB

Measurement and controlling
pH-Value Yes
Water temperature Yes
Redox potential Optional (special expansion card upgradeable)
Conductivity Optional (special expansion card upgradeable)
Oxygen Optional (special expansion card upgradeable)
Humidity Optional (special expansion card upgradeable)
Air temperature Optional (special expansion card upgradeable)

Functions and features
Channels illumination control 32
1-10 V interfaces 6 (optional 30)
Controllable switchable power sockets 64
Extension slots 2
Dosing pump control Yes
Flow pump control Yes
RS232 interface Yes
USB interface Yes
LAN interface Yes
Alarm Visual and acoustic
Inputs level sensors/ leakage detectors 2 (optional 16)
Graphical display Yes
PAB connection Yes
Expansionbox expansion possible Yes
Integrated Webserver and email-client Yes
Operating system ProfiLuxOS

Price: 485.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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