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Profilux SMS - Unit

Profilux SMS - Unit

Ref: PL-0802

PAB Version
You will always be well informed about the state of your aquarium with our SMS-unit when you are not at home.
The SMS-Unit is connected to the serial port of the ProfiLux. The connection of a PC or a ProfiLux View is still possible due to an addi-tional serial connector.

In the event of an alarm or a power blackout the device sends a SMS to an adjustable phone number. Remote enquiry (reply to an incoming call) is possible, too.

All settings can be adjusted with a PC using our free software ProfiLux-Control.
. Lithium-Ion battery, SMS-units will work during power blackout
. Quad band GSM-sender/receiver for almost all radio nets worldwide
. SIM-card slot
. Remote control of universal digital inputs and outputs

Price: 440.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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