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Profilux Touch - Touchscreen Remote Control Head For the Profilux 3 and 3 EX

Profilux Touch - Touchscreen Remote Control Head For the Profilux 3 and 3 EX

Ref: PL-0790

The external display and operating unit ProfiLux Touch is connected over the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB is present in ProfiLux 3, for instance) and is the perfect add-on for your aquarium computer system!

The device shows you at a glance all important readings and states of your aquarium or terrarium on a 4.3” color touchscreen - e.g.:

* Temperature, pH-value, redox (ORP), conductivity, oxygen and activity of the control loops
* Light intensity and moon phase
* States of pumps and power outlets
* Alarm, feeding pause and maaintenance
* Reminder texts and time with date

You can adjust by yourself what information you would like to see.

The system overview is the standard view of the Profilux Touch.

Besides displaying current values and states ProfiLux Touch has also to offer some handy additional functions. You can start feeding pause, water change or maintenance with it.
The operating menu of the ProfiLux Touch.

Further Highlights:

* ProfiLux Touch offers several background images - you can choose the background according to your personal taste.
* The integrated speaker allows an accoustical warning in the event of an alarm.
* The power suppy and the PAB connection are managed through a thin cable which leads to the back of the device, therefore a discreet wiring is possible. The connection of the PAB-lines and of the power supply is managed through the included PAB-Businterface at another, hidden location.

Shipment includes:

* Wall mounting set (Optional there are other mounting sets available, please see below)
* PAB-Businterface
* Universal power supply
* Connection cable from ProfiLux Touch to PAB-Businterface (2 m)

PAB-cables are not part of the shipment, please order them separately.

Dimensions: 138 mm x 94 mm x 25 mm (L x W x D)

Price: 268.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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