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Pump Control 1 - For Koralia Pumps

Pump Control 1 - For Koralia Pumps

Ref: PL-0672

This is a 2-channel pump controller for 12V-pumps. The package includes a cable set for connecting 2 pumps Koralia Nano or Koralia 1 - 4 directly.
This pump controller will be connected to the ProfiLux and occupies 2 1-10V-Channels.
Now it is possible to control the well priced high quality pumps from Koralia with the multitude of current/wave programmes from the ProfiLux!
Using 2 x PumpControl1 you are able to control 4 pumps independently - great effects like surge, random waves (and everything else ProfiLux is able to do) can be produced easily.

Price: 186.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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