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RO Booster Pump

RO Booster Pump

Ref: RUW000

RO Booster Pump

Suitable for any brand of RO Unit - This pump will significantly increase the volume of water from your unit and will also increase the water quality.

Many years ago when I lived in the country I installed a 50G/Day RO unit under the sink.

Unfortunately as the water pressure was so poor then I got nothing coming out of the pure line at all so I fitted one of these simple pumps and immediately the flow went up to the full membrane capacity.

You find generally that RO units will run at about 50% of their stated membrane capacity as the temperature of the water is never 25C as the test is based on and the pressure is never as high as the standard.

My experience is that by boosting the pressure with one of these units that you tend to get the full stated membrane volume - summer or winter.

The increased pressure also improves the quality of the water through the membrane.

These units utilise a transformer to rum at low voltage and are suitable for 1/4 inch RO Pipe.

* Flow Rate (open flow) - 1.2lts/min
* Pressure - 125 PSI (9 BAR)
* Voltage - 24V

Price: 69.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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