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Self Cleaning Head For Deltec SC3070S Skimmer

Self Cleaning Head For Deltec SC3070S Skimmer

Ref: 88102

TC/SC Skimmer self cleaning heads

Deltec have announced a new range of cleaning heads for the TC and SC skimmers . The new cleaning heads include a lower height profile to fall inline with the compact design of the new high performance skimmer range for installation in shorter cabinet designs.

Use of a cleaning head can increase the efficiency of your skimmer by up to 20%

Not available for the TC/SC 1655 or 2060.

General information

On all skimmers if you watch them over a number of days you will see the amount of waste collected fall off with time. This is because as the foam rises it deposits some of the fat and proteins that it has collected on the side of the riser tube. This deposit makes it harder for the foam to climb and so the amount of waste in the cup decreases.

Once a day, depending on the rate that the waste is collected, the solenoid switches on which introduces a jet of freshwater into the cup. The cup fills up and when it reaches the top of the crook on the auto syphon pipe it runs away to drain until the cup is empty and the syphon breaks.

The new head includes a new circuit board with an onboard timer. The timer is designed to switch on the head for one minute at intervals of every eight minutes. The user can also run the head on an external timer for a customised cleaning schedule. Every time an external timer provides power to the head the head will run for one minute allowing the head to be run at set times to suit the users individual cleaning requirements.

Price: 689.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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