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TMC LEGO Reefscape Emporer Angelfish Adult Model

TMC LEGO Reefscape Emporer Angelfish Adult Model

Ref: RS0311

Emporer Angelfish Adult (Pomacanthus Imperator)
Series 3 - RS0311 - XL Model - 33cm x 14cm - 19cm

Due for release this November in time for Christmas is the strictly limited edition Tropical Marine Centre LEGO Reefscape series of reef fish models. There are only going to be 500 sets of these models created and boxed by LEGO. Due to the limited numbers of each model we will only have 2 of each model available for pre-order, once they are gone they are gone!

For more details please see the The Official Reefscape Lego Site

PLEASE NOTE: Image is for illustration only, exact contents subject to change

Price: 89.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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