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Ultra-Trace B Heavy Metal Complex 250ml

Ultra-Trace B Heavy Metal Complex 250ml

Ref: UMS12

Trace element solution for the Two Part Method for Ca, Alk, and Trace element supplementation for your reef tank.

High-purity chemicals
The necessity of supplementing depleted minerals and micronutrients (trace elements) to reef tanks is due to enhanced growth rates of corals and marine algae in reef tanks, thus its importance is not to be underestimated. FAUNA MARIN provides a complete product line for the easy supplementation of calcium,magnesium, carbonates, as well as essential trace elements. FAUNA MARIN sticks to its principles: best results obtained by purest chemicals.

Trace element solutions based on the original method for lime and micronutrient supplementation after Balling. All three solutions are perfectly balanced.
1. Strontium-Barium complex
2. Heavy metal complex
3. Iodine-Fluorine complex

Calcium Additive, Canister 1
10 Liter / 2.5 gal. Deionized (or reverse-osmosis) water
715 g Calcium Chloride-Dihydrate, mix until completely dissolved
Now add 50 ml of the Strontium Comples (Bottle 1)
And 50 ml of the Heavy Metal Complex (Bottle 2)
Please make sure that the solutions are well mixed.

Carbonate/Alkalinity Addition, Canister 2

10 Liter / 2,5 gal. Deionized (or reverse-osmosis) water

Add 840 g of Sodium Bicarbonate, mix until completely dissolved.
Now add 50 ml of the Iodine-Fluorine Complex (Bottle 3)
Please make sure that the solutions are well mixed.

Please consider the dosing recommendations and the instruction manual for the two-part solution.
Never add the solutions directly into the aquarium!

Contents: Water, Trace element Mix, Vitamins

Keep away from children.
Not to be used for animals used for the production of food.
Do not inhale, do not swallow.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Price: 11.49 (Including VAT at 20%)

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