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UltraPac Polymer complexe 100ml

UltraPac Polymer complexe 100ml

Ref: US1

Ultra Pac is a special Polymer for the production of artificial coral mucus. This polymer was specially formulated for marine aquaria to bind food particles and to transport them directly to the corals. Like in Nature, the mucus will be trapped by the corals and eaten. Through this product it is finally possible to keep species that were considered impossible before. Ultra Pac is another part of our Ultra-Food product line for non-photosynthetic soft corals and sensitive filter feeders.

Dosing recommendation:

Standard recipe with Ultra-Pac
20 % Ultra-Pac
30 % Ultra-Life
50 % Ultra Clam

Mix all the ingredients together with Ultramin S until you have a stiff mash.
Add one drop of Ultra Booster for every 40 ml of food mix and a total of one Ampoule of Ultra-Bio. Mix everything together and let the food sit for 24 hours at room temperature.
The mix can be used now. It is normal that the skimmer stops foaming for about 2 hours after dosing this food. The food keeps for about a week at room temperature. Depending on the number and size of specimen kept, add a tip of a teaspoon as small amount of food several times per day.

Price: 14.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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