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V2 Power Pump 800 l/h

V2 Power Pump 800 l/h

Ref: 9000

High quality, compact pumps suitable for submersible applications in salt and freshwater aquariums.

* Incorporate Sicce’s “ECO technology” which combines high power and flow rates with low energy consumption.
* Unique impeller, using premium quality shaft materials, offers maximum performance and efficiency.
* Corrosion-resistant ceramic bearings ensure quiet operation and durability.
* Innovative "cooling chambers" provide air-cooling during dry use and water-cooling in wet applications.
* Internal recirculation system prevents over-heating and ensures any debris is ejected from the pump.
* Integral flow control dial for easy and precise adjustment of water flow.
* Easy to use and maintain.
* Pre-filter, hose adapters and suckers included.

*800 model is NOT suitable for dry applications

V2 800 Power Pump Specification:
- 8 Watts.
- 230/240 Volts.
- 0.10 Amps
- 700 Litres
- Head Max 1.2 Metres

Price: 24.98 (Including VAT at 20%)

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