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V2 iLumenAir 900 170w

V2 iLumenAir 900 170w

Ref: 9200

The new TMC V²iLumenAir 900 sleek User-Customised LED Aquarium Lighting System is a high power (170w) three channel lighting system that can be individually controlled via a sleek remote control unit to give you a unique user customised lighting solution for your aquarium.


High power (170w) and high PAR using branded LEDs
Three separate channels - 6500K white, 465nm blue and a mixed colour channel with 640nm red, 530nm green and 605nm amber
These colour channels can be individually controlled via a remote
Built in timing and dimming with a range of effects including storm function, cloudy day function, sunrise, sunset, twilight and moonlight
Thermally controlled 'whisper' fans which only operate when needed
Low voltage with a power readout to tell you just how much electricity is being used
Controllable blue LED trim

Supplied with an easy to use tank mounting system.

The TMC V2 iLumenAir 900 LED Lighting System is suitable for tanks 730 - 1200mm long x 300 - 880mm wide.

(can be suspended with optional suspension kit available separately)

Price: 399.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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