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eX Upgrade Kit for ProfiLux 3.1N / 3.1A

eX Upgrade Kit for ProfiLux 3.1N / 3.1A

Ref: PL-0920

This upgrade expansion kit will convert a standard Profilux 3.1 (A/N) into a Profilux 3.1 (A/N) eX, giving the following additions:

1 x Water level sensor port for use with an additional water level sensor or leakage sensor (2 sensors can be connected on 3.1N - giving 4 sensors in all)
1 x Saltwater conductivity sensor port
1 x Redox sensor port
1 x L5/L6 - 1-10v control port - for control of up to two (via splitter) LED simulation lights or channels for dimmable lighting or Tunze contollable stream pumps.

Price: 176.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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